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A Good Reason to Try Raised Bed Gardening

raised bed garden

There are several advantages to raised bed gardening. Not only is a raised bed less compact and much better for many types of plants but it’s also easier on the gardener who no longer has to reach the ground to weed and tend plants. It’s much better for many people to bend over and tend plants in a raised bed than it is to try to get on the ground to do the same. And with all of the advantages of gardening in raised beds, the only disadvantages seem to be how difficult it is to build them and then take them apart later.

Fortunately, for people who really want to try gardening in a raised bed, there’s a simple solution. The M Brace eliminates all the disadvantages by making it possible for anyone to easily and quickly build a raised bed.

Mbrace Raised bed GardenThe M Brace is simply a corner brace for a raised bed that you set in place. They’re sold in sets of four so that you can set your braces, simply slide the wood into place and in just a few minutes you’ll have a finished raised bed. The beauty of it is that you don’t need any tools. All you need are some two by fours and the braces, and of course the dirt to fill the bed with afterwards. In fact, the most difficult part of creating a raised garden bed with the M Brace method is shoveling the dirt in when you’re done.

The ingenious design allows you to simply slide two by fours into the braces without the need for nails or screws. When you’re finished, you have a secure raised bad that looks great from the outside because of the nice design of the braces. You can get the M Brace in a variety of different die-cut designs or you can get solid ones for simplicity.

So many plants do better in raised beds because the soil is looser and the moisture drains away much easier. Having a raised bed also allows you to garden longer because the soil stays warmer, allowing for earlier planting and helping plants survive longer into the end of fall. Given all of the advantages of raised bed gardening, both for vegetable gardening and flower gardening, there’s really no reason not to try it now that it’s been made so easy.

The M Brace is available in some home and garden stores in California and other Western states but it’s also conveniently available online so that gardeners in every state can give them a try. They’re $165 for the set of 4 that you need to make one raised bed. You can make a square bed or a rectangle, with any sides up to 12 feet long. You can also take your bed apart just as quickly as you put it together if you need to move it to another part of your garden.

The M Brace is an ideal way to get a raised bed garden without the hassle and work of measuring, cutting and building one.