Using Trees to Beautify Your Landscaping

Using Trees to Beautify Your Landscaping

A home with a beautiful landscaping makes lasting impressions. If you are avid design fan, and you want to leave an artistic touch to your home, consider to invest in beautifying your yard landscapes.

If you want to make a signature plant, a tree is one of the best options to accentuate what you want to offer to your guests. First, you can place rectangular stones in front of it. Make sure it has enough room, and enough depth to grow by dumping mulch around the circle created to ensure a higher level of soil. The stones will secure the mulch in place.

A beautiful yard view pays off. Here are some options of trees which can be a good choice for your landscaping ideas:

1. Eastern Redbud

Want a spring look in your yard? Choose this short, multi-stemmed tree which reaches a height of 20 to 30ft. This flower buds from a purple color to a rosy pink when full bloom. The leaves are heart-shaped and appear after the flowers. Then, the yellow color is also good when fall comes. These redbud trees are easy to grow and perfect for a small yard; however, leave an ample amount of space because it grows up to 25ft wide for its crown so better dug a big enough hole for its seed to grow later on.  Here is a video on how to look after the Eastern Redbud.

2. Southern Magnolia

This is planted for its creamy look, large, and shiny leaves, and produces red fruits during fall. This tree can grow so large, and a height of 60-80ft tall and 30 to 50 ft wide. Smaller plants of this kind are also available. Better plant this somewhere unsightly or away from path walks and pools, or it looks good in a yard wherein it is highlighted when it is around full of pines.

3. Flowering Crabapple

This comes from Japanese origin which is small to mid-sized trees. During spring, they can be covered with various colors: white, pink, or red flowers. Also during fall, it has colors of yellow, orange, and red. Their attractive branching is also highlighted during winter. There are varieties now which can resist disease and can still hold fruit even during the extreme cold winter weather.

4. Gingko Biloba

Beautiful even both during summer and fall. Gingko Biloba has intricate leaves which turn green during summer and golden during fall.

5. Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees

Otherwise known as the famous, ‘Evergreen Trees’ as another type of spruce. Often, Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees are placed in pairs serving as an entry point of a house, and its size lasts relatively small through the years. Many people have use it as container plants.